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Buy Popular Products. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders Transformers: Directed by Michael Bay. With Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson. An ancient struggle between two Cybertronian races, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, comes to Earth, with a clue to the ultimate power held by a teenager The Transformers: The Movie: Directed by Nelson Shin. With Norman Alden, Jack Angel, Michael Bell, Gregg Berger. The Autobots must stop a colossal planet consuming robot who goes after the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. At the same time, they must defend themselves against an all-out attack from the Decepticons An ancient struggle between two Cybertronian races, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, comes to Earth, with a clue to the ultimate power held by a teenager. Director: Michael Bay | Stars: Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson. Votes: 604,849 | Gross: $319.25M. 2 TRANSFORMERS ALL MOVIES. 1. Transformers (2007) Error: please try again. An ancient struggle between two Cybertronian races, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, comes to Earth, with a clue to the ultimate power held by a teenager. 2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011) Error: please try again. The Autobots learn of a Cybertronian.

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  1. Transformers Movies. 1. Transformers (2007) Error: please try again. An ancient struggle between two Cybertronian races, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, comes to Earth, with a clue to the ultimate power held by a teenager. 2. Bumblebee (I) (2018) Error: please try again. On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a.
  2. ique Fishback. Plot unknown. Reportedly based on the 'Transformers' spinoff 'Beast Wars' which feature robots that transform into robotic animals
  3. Every Transformers Movie Ranked, According To IMDb. The Transformers franchise has been wildly successful, with two films grossing over $1 billion. Of the current 6 films, these are the worst and best. The first Transformers film was released in 2007 and is responsible for setting up one of the most successful franchises in recent years
  4. Transformers is a series of American science fiction action films based on the Transformers franchise which began in the 1980s. Michael Bay has directed the first five films: Transformers (2007), Revenge of the Fallen (2009), Dark of the Moon (2011), Age of Extinction (2014), and The Last Knight (2017). A spin-off film, Bumblebee, directed by Travis Knight and produced by Bay, was released on.
  5. The Transformers: The Movie is a 1986 animated film based on the Transformers television series.It was released in North America on August 8, 1986, and in the United Kingdom on December 12, 1986. It was co-produced and directed by Nelson Shin, who also produced the television series.The screenplay was written by Ron Friedman, who created The Bionic Six a year later
  6. g, was directed by Michael Bay, with Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer. It was produced by Don Murphy and Tom DeSanto, and is the first installment in the live-action Transformers film series

THE MOVIE. From Director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a thrilling battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. When their epic struggle comes to Earth, all that stands between the evil Decepticons and ultimate power is a clue held by Sam Witwicky. Join the fight for mankind in this extraordinary adventure Transformers. June 27, 2007. Young teenager, Sam Witwicky becomes involved in the ancient struggle between two extraterrestrial factions of transforming robots - the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons. Sam holds the clue to unimaginable power and the Decepticons will stop at nothing to retrieve it

Transformers: Prime, running from 2010 to 2013 on The Hub, was an attempt to tie into the Transformers live-action movies directed by Michael Bay, and the two versions share some of the same creative team, such as writing duo Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci. RELATED: 10 '80s Cartoons That Received Reboots (And 10 That Fans Want) However, the series wound up finding much greater acclaim and. New Transformers Live-Action Movie Gets a Summer 2022 Release Date. Paramount Pictures has set a release date for one of its new Transformers movies currently in the works. Ryan Scott May 4, 2020

The new Transformers movie will adapt the popular Beast Wars toys and cartoons into the movie canon in a '90s-set prequel that takes place between Bumblebee and the first film, introducing the. Transformers: The Movie! Grab your sons and tissues and relive the moment you experienced true heartbreak and witness your kid live it for the very first time. Have fun bonding with your child as this movie is an excellent icebreaker for opening up the opportunity to explain real life issues like death

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FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisStuckmannTWITTER: https://twitter.com/Chris_StuckmannOFFICIAL SITE: http://www.chrisstuckmann.comChris Stuckmann P.O... Transformers 1- B Transformers 2-C Transformers 3-C-Transformers 4-C+ Transformers 5-D As far as video, all movies looked good, the first few slightly softer and crazy amounts of film grain. The last 2 movies were much clearer. Hdr enabled very colorful. Give them a B rating in video quality, only due to the first movies lacking a bit IMO

Movies & TV New Releases Best Sellers Deals Blu-ray 4K Ultra HD TV Shows Kids & Family Anime All Genres Prime Video Your Video Library 1-16 of 747 results for transformers Transformers: Dark of the Moo BACK TO MOVIES. Story. From Director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg comes a thrilling battle between the Autobots and Decepticons. When their epic struggle comes to Earth, all that stands between the evil Decepticons and ultimate power is a clue held by Sam Witwicky. Join the fight for mankind in this extraordinary adventure In the realm of Transformers TV series, the original Generation 1 cartoon is nostalgically revered as the one that started it all, but by far the best-written series to date has been Beast Wars.. RELATED: 10 Best Transformers Series (According To IMDb), Ranked The series wove itself well into the pre-existing lore (even including an early appearance by the Decepticon Starscream) but really. Transformers 6, 7 and 8 Confirmed by Hasbro. Executive Vice President of Hasbro says that the next ten years of Transformers movies are planned out. B. Alan Orange Oct 3, 2015. Critics Score

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Hasbro and Paramout have an untitled live-action Transformers movie planned for June 24, 2022. October 2015: The film was in Development status. Hasbro's Steven J. Davis confirmed in a Q&A that a Transformers 5, 6, 7 and 8 are in the works The movie takes place about a decade before Michael Bay's Transformers -- and Caple plans to use that as an opportunity to explore a kind of Year One approach to Optimus Prime, and give fans a sense of how he became a great leader Movie Info. The fate of humanity is at stake when two races of robots, the good Autobots and the villainous Decepticons, bring their war to Earth. The robots have the ability to change into.

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  1. Idw Publishing releases Transformers: King Grimlock #1 this Wednesday, and we have the official preview for you here; check it out King Grimlock Begins! Grimlock, the beloved powerhouse T-rex with an attitude and one of the strongest Cybertronians in existence, finds himself magically transported to a world of fantastical beasts and strange powers
  2. Release year: 2020. As the Autobots and Decepticons ravage their planet in a brutal civil war, two iconic leaders emerge in the Transformers universe's origin story. 1. Episode 1. Megatron urges Optimus Prime to accept a treaty, while Starscream questions Jetfire's leadership
  3. An ancient struggle re-erupts on Earth between two extraterrestrial clans, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, with a clue to the ultimate power he..
  4. The Transformers: The Movie Returns to Theaters in September for 35th Anniversary. Fathom Events is bringing 1986's Transformers: The Movie back to theaters for a special engagement this fall
  5. Most of the scene where Megan Fox appears in film Transformers. The film Transformers was published in 2007.Thank you for your support:Patreon: https://goo.g..
  6. Transformers, the IP that never dies, based on the 1980s toy franchise with the slogan more than meets the eye is being developed again at Paramount with two projects, one by Murder
  7. Untitled Transformers Movie - June 24, 2022. The next installment in the Transformers franchise will land in theaters on June 24, 2022, but what that movie is exactly remains to be seen. The date.
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6. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009) In some ways, Revenge of the Fallen feels like it was a sadly under-loved Transformers movie. Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) and Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox. Transformers Movie RoboVision Optimus Prime 10. $64.98 $ 64. 98. Transformers: The Last Knight Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet 620. IMDb Movies, TV & Celebrities: IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: Kindle Direct Publishing Indie Digital & Print Publishing Made Eas The North American series have all continued to add to Transformers lore and expanded their legacy, albeit to varying degrees of success. From the original Generation 1 cartoon to the most recent Robots In Disguise, here are the 10 best Transformers series ranked according IMDb. 10 TRANSFORMERS: CYBERTRON (Rating: 6.4 Amazon.com: The Transformers: The Movie 35th Anniversary Limited Edition Steelbook [4K UHD] [Blu-ray]: Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Stack, Lionel Stander, Orson Welles, Nelson Shin, Joe Bacal, Tom Griffith, Ron Friedman: Movies & T Let's face it, nobody watches a Transformers movie for the Shakespearean prose nor the intricately woven plot lines. It's about the action, and maybe a tad bit about the sentimentality that comes from seeing your favorite childhood toys brought to life, and of course the nobility that our real world is nearly totally lacking these days

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  1. Transformers is a Japanese-American media franchise produced by American toy company Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy.It follows the battles of sentient, living autonomous robots, often the Autobots and the Decepticons, who can transform into other forms, such as vehicles and animals.The franchise encompasses toys, animation, comic books, video games and films
  2. Transformers Official Website - More than Meets the Eye. Following the events of SIEGE, the Autobots hurtle deep into the unknown as their pursuit of the Allspark through space turns into a furious race for their own survival. With unforeseen dangers lurking ahead and the Decepticons closing in from behind, the only way out is to find a way.
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  4. Most have come to destroy us. Some have come to protect us. Where were you when the first film's teaser dropped on June 29, 2006? #Transformers10 Watch the n..


  1. Transformers is one of Hollywood's biggest film franchises, but which movie is the best one?With the addition of the newest entry, Bumblebee, there are now six live-action feature films about the war between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons since 2007.Including the 1986 animated film The Transformers: The Movie, the franchise as so far earned over $4.3 billion at the global box office
  2. The battle for Earth continues in this action-packed blockbuster from director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg. When college-bound Sam W..
  3. The original Transformers animated series (also known as Generation 1/G1) aired from September 17th, 1984 to November 11th, 1987.The series was inspired by a toy line by the Hasbro company which had created toy cars that could turn into robots. RELATED: Transformers: Every Animated Series, Ranked Worst To Best Marvel Productions co-produced the series with Sunbow Productions
  4. When all seems lost, a few brave souls can save everything we've ever known.The Last Knight shatters the core myths of the Transformers franchise, and redefi..
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Transformers. 31,022,807 likes · 3,340 talking about this. Experience #Transformers: Rise of the Beasts in theatres June 24, 2022 According to a new report, this mystery Transformers movie is set to hit theaters on June 24, 2022. For now, that is virtually all that is known, though it has been noted that this is for a live. Paramount has given a date for a new live-action Transformers movie of June 24, 2022. The studio is in development on two different projects: one by Murder Mystery scribe James Vanderbilt and the. Transformers Videos. View All Videos (12) Transformers Quotes. Miles: Dude, are you sure we're invited to this party? Sam Witwicky: Of course miles, it's a lake, public property

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a 2009 American science fiction action film directed by Michael Bay and is based on the Transformers toy line.It is the sequel to 2007's Transformers, as well as the second installment in the live-action Transformers film series.Taking place two years after the first film, the story revolves around Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), who is caught once again in. It's no secret that Michael Bay's Transformers franchise was mostly met with poor reviews from critics but was a huge hit financially. For example, 2011's Dark of the Moon surpassed $1 billion, which helped explain how the follow up, Age of Extinction, won 2014's box office with $1.104 billion. This installment changed things up, replacing Shia LaBeouf as the lead with Mark Wahlberg, who was a.

Whatever movies do come, it seems quite likely that the future of Transformers movies involves a more overt reboot of the series in some form.Bumblebee was a stepping stone for this, and given the positive response comes across in spite of what came before, that direction is clearly the route to success; any financial complications come from the Bay backlash rather than anything representative. Unicron is the planet-sized Cybertronian god of chaos. He is the twin brother and ancient enemy of Primus/Cybertron. He is also planet Earth, formed around him over billions of years. Following the events of Transformers: The Last Knight, Quintessa's attempts at killing Unicron have caused him to slowly awaken from his slumber, his horns rising from the planet's core. 1 History 1.1.

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As seen in the movie, he can combine with Leader Class Optimus Prime to form Prime's powered-up mode, albeit at the cost of Optimus Prime's leg articulation. During combination, the (difficult to open) panel on Jetfire's back is removed, revealing on his rear (beside the swooshing noise button) a new button that triggers a mechanical stomp sound Search Results: Transformers. The Transformers: the Movie (1986) Action Adventure Animation Family Sci-Fi. Orson Welles, Robert Stack, Leonard Nimoy, Norman Alden. Transformers (2007) Action. 'Transformers: The Movie' (1986) Perhaps it was the era or the fact that Transformers just work better in animation, but the cartoon movie gets everything right that the live-action movies don't. Transformers: Dark of the Moon is the third installment in the Transformers film franchise. Michael Bay returns as director for the third time and this was the final film to feature the original cast members from the first two films before an entirely new human cast was featured in the fourth installment: 2014's Transformers: Age of Extinction.. The following weapons were used in the film.

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Transformers is a live-action movie released by DreamWorks in 2007, with Executive Producer Steven Spielberg and Director Michael Bay.The story follows the Transformers' arrival on modern-day Earth and their interactions with the human race, as they search for the life-giving AllSpark and continue their ages-old civil war. The movie is a new imagining of the Transformers brand, drawing on past. ITS Americas - Headquarters. 450 E Elliot Road. Chandler, AZ 85225. Phone: +1 480 940 1037 Fax: +1 480 940 1038 AOG: +1 480 305 4800 / aog@its.aero ITS EMEA. Unit 288, Block Transformers is a 2007 live-action American movie adaptation of the Transformers franchise, directed by Michael Bay and written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.It stars Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky.. This movie has a sequel, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Plot. the Decepticons, an evil race of alien robots, attack a U.S. military unit stationed in the Middle East The Mission: Impossible movie franchise has been around since 1996 and is based on the 1960s TV show of the same name. Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt has become one of the most iconic action heroes in film.. While sharing several story elements with other spy series, like the Jason Bourne and James Bond series, Mission: Impossible finds ways to differentiate itself However, this was before his budgets allowed too much nonsensical bloating. As such, it feels tighter, resulting in more of a buddy cop movie than a Bay movie. In that way, this is one of his most accessible films. 3 Transformers - 7.

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1:43:33. Transformers Prime (2010) Full Movie New - Daily Motion. Anage1970. 2:29. TRANSFORMERS 5 - The Last Knight Trailer 2 (2017) - Daily Motion. hollywoodfreemovies. 1:37:49. Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014) Full Movie New - Daily Motion. Anage1970 High resolution official theatrical movie poster (#1 of 16) for Transformers (2007). Image dimensions: 900 x 1175. Directed by Michael Bay. Starring Shia LaBeouf, Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, Rachael Taylo Transformers and 5 other movie series that are resistant to low critical acclaim. In this article we have talked about 6 popular movie series that have failed to win the hearts of critics and have often received low marks and scores, but to any They have continued to thrive at the box office

Bumblebee (also known as Transformers: Bumblebee) is a 2018 American science fiction action film centered on the Transformers character of the same name.It is the sixth installment of the live-action Transformers film series.Developed as a spin-off and prequel, it was later declared a reboot of the franchise. Directed by Travis Knight and written by Christina Hodson, the film stars Hailee. Find out if 'Transformers: War for Cybertron: Kingdom' is available to stream on Netflix by using Flixboss - the unofficial Netflix guide. The frantic race to locate the Allspark first culminates on a strange planet as the future comes crashing through to the present day Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties

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The Transformers: The Movie (1986)Director: Nelson ShinStars: Orson Welles, Robert Stack, Leonard NimoyRuntime: 84 minutes (taken from iMDB)Genre: Animation, Action, AdventureRating: 7.3 / 10Votes: 38,336Release Date: 1986-08-08Viewer Rating (TV/MP Transformers: Directed by Larry Bundy Jr.. With Larry Bundy Jr., Christine Weston Chandler. The final part in the Chris-chan discusses quadrilogy

1 Transformers: Age Of Extinction (2014) - 5.6. The lowest-scored movie on this list by an extremely wide margin, Transformers: Age of Extinction continued the franchise's trend of irritating critics worldwide, while simultaneously raking in an absurdly large sum of money The Movie Database (TMDb) is a popular, user editable database for movies and TV shows Transformers: Generation 1 (also known as Generation One or G1) is a toy line from 1984 to 1990, produced by Hasbro and Takara. It was a line of toy robots that could change into an alternate form (vehicles such as cars and planes, miniature guns or cassettes, animals, and even dinosaurs) by moving parts into other places, and it was the first line of toys produced for the successful. Seibertron.com is a massive website about Transformers toys, cartoons, comics, and movies. Popular features include daily news, toy galleries, a message board, a podcast, and more than meets the eye Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is a god-awful piece of sh** that's offensive in every way. The plot is extraordinarily stupid and incoherent. And, the acting is appallingly bad on all fronts.

Transformers The Movie. (1,245) IMDb 7.3 1 h 25 min 2017. PG. The Autobots, led by the heroic Optimus Prime, prepare to make a daring attempt to retake their plant from the evil forces of Megatron and the Deceptions. Unknown to both sides, a menacing force is heading their way - Unicron Parents need to know that Transformers is an explosion-heavy action movie based on the '80s cartoon and action figures that is not for young children no matter how cool they think the robots/cars are. It's packed with scenes of loud, hectic combat (including gunfire), destruction, and flying missiles and bodies Every Transformers Movie Ranked, According To IMDb. The Transformers franchise has been wildly successful, with two films grossing over $1 billion. Of the current 6 films, these are the worst and best. Ethan Cross Jul 3, 2021

Transformers is directed by Michael Bay and written by John Rogers, Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman. Based on the Transformers toy line the plot sees Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky, a teenager who gets involved in a war between the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, two factions of alien robots who can disguise themselves by transforming into everyday machinery Story. The highly anticipated Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters worldwide summer 2017. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and their Autobot team return in the next chapter of the Transformers Cinematic Universe. ONLINE GAME. QUEST FOR OPTIMUS PRIME Welcome to Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki, the fan-maintained database of Transformers knowledge that anyone can edit! You can also visit our answers site! We are currently working on 75,497 pages with 12,029 articles, 486,142 edits and 29,163 files with currently 53 active editors since we were founded on May 26, 2005 Transformers 5 (directed by Michael Bay) is currently listed for a release in 2017 by IMDB. So would Transformers 6 get released in 2020 and transformers 7 in 2023, then Transformers 8 in 2026? Will Director Michael Bay come back for 6, 7, and 8? Well, I think likely that a new director will take over the franchise, but time will tell 86-01 Autobot Jazz (The Transformers: The Movie) 86-02 Kup (The Transformers: The Movie) 86-03 Blurr (The Transformers: The Movie) Wave 12. 70 B-127 (Bumblebee) 71 Autobot Dino (Dark of the Moon) Wave 13. 74 Bumblebee (w/ Sam Witwicky, Revenge of the Fallen) 75 Jolt (Revenge of the Fallen) 86-08 Gnaw (The Transformers: The Movie

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Sentinel Prime (or Backstab-inel Prime) is a very patriotic individual, believing that all Cybertronians are Gods. He is a member of the Dynasty of Primes. He was Optimus Prime's mentor, who taught him everything he knew. Before he left Cybertron in the Ark, he handed leadership of the Autobots to Optimus Prime. Sentinel was famous for being a proud and feared warrior on the battle fields of. Transformers: The Animated Movie is a comic book adaptation of 1986's The Transformers: The Movie, published by IDW Publishing in 2006-2007. It was part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the film, which also included a new DVD release Big news for all Transformers fans. A new Transformers series based on the new War for Cybertron Trilogy is coming to Netflex next year. It will have some origina stories and will be spearheaded. Check out the first official movie trailer of America The Motion Picture, the upcoming action animated movie directed by Matt Thompson based on a script by Dave Callaham and featuring the voices of Channing Tatum, Killer Mike, Jason Mantzoukas, Bobby Moynihan, Raoul Max Trujillo, Simon Pegg, Andy Samberg, Judy Greer, Olivia Munn, Will Forte, Amber Nash and Lucky Yates IMDb. 7,671,547 likes · 108,823 talking about this. IMDb is the most authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. We post new trailers,..

The sequel to Patriot Games saw Harrison Ford returning to play Jack Ryan for one last outing, making Ford the only actor to play Ryan in multiple films. Ryan is seen investigating a Colombian drug cartel, and eventually, with some help, dismantles the organization. RELATED: The 10 Oldest Still-Active Movie Franchises, Ranked By Age Met with mostly positive reviews, Clear and Present Danger is. Cogman is a character introduced in the Transformers: The Last Knight movie. An an Autobot Headmaster loyal to the Folgan family, he served Sir Edmund Burton, 12th Earl of Folgan as his butler and chauffeur until his Lord's death at Stonehenge [1] . 1 Personality & Character 2 History 3 Relationships 3.1 Sir Edmund Burton 3.2 Cade Yeager 4 Gallery 5 See Also 6 Notes & Trivia 7 References 8. Transformer World 2005 is the largest fan community related to Transformers toys. Features information on Transformers 5 The Last Knight, the newest Transformers Movie, Transformers Generations, Masterpiece, Optimus Prime and Megatron. Daily news, toy resources, galleries, Transformers wallpapers and more are available Production Weekly, world's leading production call magazine has posted a brand new listing for Transformers: Beast Alliance. For those who are unaware, a production call list is a type of classified advertisement where crew can refer and participate in a selection process to work on future TV or Movie production A new Transformers movie is in the works at Paramount from Angel Manuel Soto, the director of Charm City Kings and WB's upcoming Blue Beetle movie, and writer Marco Ramirez, who served as a writer.

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TIL in Transformers the Movie (animated) Spike says oh shit so they could guarantee a PG rating because in the 80's a G rated movie couldn't be shown as often as PG, PG-13 or R Frank Welker. Date Of Birth: Mar 12. Birth Place: Denver, Colorado, USA. Trending: 54th This Week. Frank Welker is a voice actor known for voicing Megatron, Fred Jones, and Scooby-Doo. Take a visual walk through his career and see 2034 images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 309 clips that showcase his performances 2.9m Followers, 713 Following, 5,068 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from IMDb (@imdb Buy Movies. Get Movies. Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy. Rack up 500 points and you'll score a $5 reward for more movies. Get your swag on with discounted movies to stream at home, exclusive movie gear, access to advanced screenings and discounts galore